1. 2013 Iraq Halfaya CPF2 Power Plant and Pump Station Project2013-08-25
  2. Team Trip in Guilin2013-08-15
  3. 2012 Kazakhstan Atyrau Refinery-Aromatics Production Joint Plant Project2012-10-10
  4. 2011 China Petroleum Engineering Construction Co., Ltd,Ningxia Petrochemical Refinery R/NX-CC-2010-0518 Transformation2011-10-20
  5. 2010 Daqing Ansheng Petroleum Equipment Technology Development Co. LTD Sino-Russian crude oil pipeline Mohe-Daqing section2010-12-30
  6. 2010 PetroChina Dagqing Petrochemical Company 1200,000 Tons of Ethylene per year Project2010-05-15