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Great Steel International Co., Ltd is a professional company involving steel trading, steel products application consultancy and logistics services. We are the core distributor of WAN CHI Steel Pipe, and franchised dealer of Shougang Group as well. Great Steel was established in June 2008, located at Qinhuangdao, a beautiful coastal city with the biggest energy port- Qinhuangdao port. Based on our specialty in steel application area and good working on marketing relationship, we developed rapidly in petrochemical industry.


Developing with high-technology and providing high-performance products to our customers are always our consistent pursue. Based on our experiences from a number of overseas and domestic projects, Great steel and its co-operating manufacturer successfully developed a series products including super diameter steel pipe, super thickness steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, low-temperature steel pipe, etc. Our products have been applied in different areas such as submarine oil transmission, petrochemical industry, bridge piling and steel structure.


By cooperating with some design institutes, we continually improved our capabilities on product’s data, raw material procurement, production process, logistic and after-sales services. Our company has transformed from a trade-oriented company to an integrated solution expert.


Today, Great Steel will keep moving forward with progression, objectivity, preciseness and consolidation. Based on innovation, high-quality products and sound services, we will and we can provide our customers with high-performance products, professional engineering solutions and all-round services.  

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